About Us

The 1ml store was founded in London, UK.

We are here with on your Cannabidiol journey, bringing a very high standard of product to the CBD Oil UK market and community.

We have over 10 years of knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry working in community pharmacy.

Looking for products which are made under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), we are confident we are providing trustworthy CBD.

Promoting the awareness of Cannabidiol is important to us and our research page has some of the latest articles available to share knowledge. With our range of different formulations, there is something for everyone.

One of our pillars is having full knowledge regarding the full extract of our purer CBD oils.

Although the body of research is growing on a weekly basis, it may still be some time until pure CBD products are available on the NHS.

Due to the regulations in the United Kingdom, we are unable to make any medical claims for Cannabis CBD Products whatsoever, as the body of evidence has not reached the point where this is possible. The products sold on this website are “Food Supplements” only, however, have been manufactured and produced to exactly the same standards as we prescribe and dispense on a daily basis to our patients.