In this week’s comic, Frisbee must make weed-infused muffins for St. Muffins, a magic frog whose presence determines rainfall in Lemonwedge. If he fails, the town will face downpour for over a decade!

In our comic strip Frisbee F.D., we follow the escapades of a weed-loving firedog who works in a town that hasn’t seen smoke rise from anything but a blunt in over 300 years. Regardless, our protagonist has dedicated his life to getting high and protecting his community — in that order!

In this week’s installment, Frisbee and his pal Nurse Caramel make weed-infused muffins for St. Muffins, a regal frog whose presence magically determines rainfall in Lemonwedge. Think of St. Muffins as an amphibious weed version of the groundhog from that Bill Murray movie… you know, Lost in Translation.

Right, so if they don’t get him those tasty THC treats, Frisbee’s town will see 17 years of downpour! And we all know that’s not good for folks who like to toke in the great outdoors. 

Will Nurse Caramel and Frisbee make the drop in time? There’s only one way to find out: dig into the comic below! And for more on Frisbee F.D. — created by the inimitable Brian Blomerth and Kate Levitt — don’t forget to revisit the previous installment here.




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